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Offshore corporate services cover a wide range of offshore corporate, financial and legal services. These include offshore banking, offshore insurance, offshore funds, offshore companies, like Belize companies, offshore trusts and offshore foundation services.

Each of these offshore corporate services are regulated by stern laws that are enacted to control and manage the conduct and supervision of these services. Commissions and Intelligence Units are formed as overseers of these sectors, so as to ensure that services are offered within the regulated framework provided, that regulatory measures are implemented by offshore corporate service providers and that pertinent matters can be looked into and resolved. All of this is important especially with the advent of money laundering and illegal trading activities and the need to collaborate with international regulatory bodies to ensure that offshore corporate services are properly provided.

Offshore corporate service providers may offer one or more offshore corporate services as well as follow up corporate service so as to provide customers with support services after having registered an offshore company or opened a bank account offshore. Offshore corporate services providers are not just anyone who decide to work in the offshore sector, but rather are legal and financial professionals that are licensed by the authorities to offer offshore corporate services. They are required to have a certain amount of paid-up shares or capital and must be equipped with the necessary telecommunication facilities in order to be able to properly deal with the magnitude and demands of the business and its international clientele.

The importance of offshore corporate services has proven important for investing, protecting assets, expanding businesses and reducing taxes. Offshore banks for example have the same structure as commercial banks but are equipped with much more sophisticated banking operations that enable them to competently handle the international scope of their business. This is one offshore corporate service that facilitates international trade, especially in light of facilities like multi currency accounts, international trade bills and transactions, investment fund and trustee services at the international/offshore level.

As offshore corporate services, international insurance companies allow companies and individuals to protect themselves against a wide range of risks. This is a safe way for protecting assets while at the same time obtaining prime offshore insurance service. Other offshore corporate services like trust offshore services allow people to privately plan their succession, manage their assets and defer taxes. Offshore corporate service providers for offshore trusts usually act as the trustees for offshore trusts or work along with one or more practicing lawyers who become the trustees for offshore trusts. Foundation offshore corporate services operate more or less in the same way as those for offshore trusts. Offshore foundations are ideal offshore tools for protecting assets and have become popular because of their effectiveness.

Offshore corporate service providers are responsible for the service of process, filing copies of all documents that need to be archived within the jurisdiction and advice customers about the offshore corporate services that best suit their needs and the procedures that need to be followed to form offshore companies and other entities, as the situation requires.