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Memorandum and Articles of a Nevis corporation: In addition to the certificate of incorporation that is issued to a Nevis corporation, the memorandum and articles are essential documents. They contain the rules governing the corporation, its purpose, a definite statement on its name, share capital, paid-up and authorized share capital and by-laws for the appointment and dismissal of directors and other officers. The memorandum and articles must first be prepared and subscribed to by the first director of the company and be signed by a witness. Once the articles satisfy the requirements of the Registrar, they can be registered and then notarized by an attorney at law. Nevis corporations are governed by the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance, 1984. ****

Members: Corporations in Nevis must appoint a board of directors, which shall be responsible for managing the affairs of the corporation. **** Upon formation, at least one director and shareholder must be named or appointed. The Act for Nevis corporations gives directors the ability to exercise all corporate powers, enabling the corporation Nevis to transfer assets in trust, to a foundation, another company or partnership, whether these are creditors or not. Special privileges and or rights can be granted to certain directors, and rules can be established for the appointment and dismissal. No board of a Nevis corporation should consist of less than three members, and if for any reason this happens to be the case, the number of directors cannot be less than the number of shareholder that the corporation Nevis has.

Registered Agent and Registered office: A registered agent must be maintained at all times in Nevis by a Nevis corporation. If intending to no longer request the services of assistance of the current registered agent, another must be appointed and the Registrar must be notified within one month. In the same way, if a registered agent wishes to decline its service as agent of a particular Nevis corporation, a notice must be sent to the Registrar and the corporation will be responsible for finding another agent in Nevis. Registered agents include solely barristers and solicitors with licenses to practice in Nevis and must have a paid-up capital of USD $500,000, and be first licensed and authorized by the Minister responsible.

Purposes and Powers of a Nevis Corporation: Nevis corporations can be created to pursue any business in the best interest of the establishment, as long as all business is not illegal. The powers of a Nevis corporation are not limited to the clauses of its memorandum and articles and can be exercised or assumed as the need arises, probably to sue or take action, for example. Some of the powers that corporations Nevis can exercise include purchasing, bequesting, receiving, leasing, using, owning, holding, taking by grant or improving personal or real property regardless of where it is located; as well as transferring, selling, leasing, creating, pledging or disposing of security interest in any of the property that the corporation owns. It is also possible to invest and reinvest funds, provide loans in any currency and hold property as a means of security for such loans. ****

Reserving Names for Nevis Corporations: A Nevis corporation can apply to have one or more names reserved with the Registrar. Applications should contain the applicant’s name and address, name for reservation, name in which the certificate of name reservation has to be granted. If the name to be reserved is unavailable for any reason, the applicant will be asked to provide another name or one that is similar to the name wanted by the applicant can be suggested. ****