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Incorporation of a Cayman Corporation: Cayman Corporations can only be incorporated and registered in the Cayman Islands after having deposited all the necessary documents with the Registrar of Companies. The main documents required are the Memorandum and Articles of Association which must be signed by the first subscriber and a witness. The seal and signature of the Registrar will be put on these documents as evidence of his or her receipt and approval of the documents. Upon passing this stage, a certificate of incorporation will be issued in the Cayman corporation names, as well as a registration number under which the corporation has been registered.

The Memorandum of a Cayman Corporation: The memorandum of a Cayman Corporation can be written to allow the liability of the corporation’s members to the amount of unpaid shares that they each hold, or to the contribution agreed to make to the corporation’s assets if or when it is dissolved. ****

The memorandum must contain the name of the corporation, its status (as an exempted company, limited or unlimited company, a declaration concerning liability of the members, the location of the registered office in the Caymans, number of issued shares and authorized share capital. Provisions can be made in the memorandum of a Cayman corporation stating that upon dissolution, that members with a specific class of shares have unlimited liability if the capital is separated into several classes of shares. As seen fit and in the best interests of the corporation in Cayman Islands, the directors can alter the provisions of the memorandum for considerations pertaining to changes in shares, the denomination of currency. Copies of resolutions must be made available to the Registrar.

Shares: Every subscriber to the memorandum of a Cayman corporation must hold at least one share. Cayman Corporations are required to state the amount of capital that it is intends to be registered with and number of shares into which the capital is divided must be stated if the shares of such capital amount is divided into shares that are not nominal or no par; requiring that the aggregate consideration the shares be stated. In addition to limited companies, Cayman corporations that are limited by guarantee are allowed to have a share capital. If the need arises to reduce or increase the share capital, consolidate, sub divide, convert, cancel, and divide already issued shares, a resolution can be passed to do so. ****

Members: Every Cayman Corporation is required to have at least one member who is able to be shareholder and director at the same time. Provisions can be made in the memorandum for the procedures on appointing and dismissing directors, as well as the duties, responsibilities and powers of both directors and shareholders. ****

Registered Office and Agent: All Cayman Corporations are required to have a registered office and agent. Registered agents must be located in at least one of the Islands and be licensed by the Government to offer offshore services. If seen necessary, the directors of a corporation can opt to change its registered and or agent and are required to notify the Registrar within at most thirty days after having passed the resolution. ****