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Incorporation: BVI Corporations are incorporated under the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004, which allows BVI corporations to be incorporated as companies limited by guarantee authorized or not to issue shares, companies limited by shares, or unlimited companies authorized or not to issue shares. In order for an application to incorporate a BVI corporation to be approved, the Memorandum and Articles of Association, a letter from the registered agent stating his consent to be registered and a letter from the director stating to be director must be filed with the Registrar of the BVI. Upon being satisfied that all relevant documents have been deposited accordingly, the newly formed BVI corporation will be issued a registration number under the which the company’s documents are filed and the name registered, as well as a certificate of incorporation. ****

Memorandum of a BVI Corporation: Some of the contents of the memorandum of a corporation in the BVI should include and state the company’s name, the type of liability it has (limited by shares, guarantee etc.), the address of the first registered agent, the number of shares issued and the authorized share capital, as well as the classes of shares the BVI corporation has issued or intends to issue. The purpose of the memorandum of a corporation BVI is to confirm and establish the status and purpose, features of the company. By-laws are prepared also, are contained in the Articles and present rules by which the affairs of the corporation BVI must be managed, sets policies for the appointment and dismissal of directors, and the rights and capacities of directors, shareholders and other officers of the BVI corporation. The Registrar must be notified about all changes made to the structure of the company through its memorandum or other formation document. ****

Capacity and Powers of BVI Corporations: BVI corporations are able to trade freely in any part of the world, except in the BVI. This means also that corporations (offshore) must not offer their services and products to local residents of the BVI as a regular local company would do. BVI corporations are able to issue securities if they are convertible into shares, hold treasury shares, issue debentures, cancel shares, grant options over shares that are unissued, and protect the corporation’s assets as deemed necessary. ****

Names: The name of a corporation must speak to its services or products and terminated with either ‘Ltd’,’ Corp’, ‘Inc’ or ‘SA’, or their words in full, in the case of a limited company. If a corporation BVI is unlimited, the word ‘Unlimited’ or ‘Unltd’ must follow its name as its ending. BVI corporations that are established as Segregated Portfolio Companies must end with the relevant endings that indicate the type of company such as SPC Limited or Ltd, Segregated Portfolio Company Limited or Ltd. Names for BVI corporations must first be approved by the Registrar before they are used. ****

Members: BVI companies must be formed with at least one member, as it is not possible to form a company on its own. For the lifetime of the corporation in BVI, there must be at least one member. If a BVI corporation is limited by guarantee, at least one guarantee member is required, while if the company is an unlimited liability company, at least one member is required to assume the position of unlimited member, regardless of whether that BVI Corporation is authorized to issue shares. ****