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Incorporation: The incorporation of a Belize corporation is relatively straightforward. Upon presenting the prepared Memorandum and Articles of Association, and any other document that may be required by the Registrar of Belize, a Belize corporation will be duly registered and thereby constituted under the seal and signature of the Registrar. ****

The Memorandum of a Belize corporation state the corporation Belize name, name and address of registered office and agent in Belize, number of shares issued and authorized share capital, including the currency in which the shares are issued. Other important aspects like the Belize corporation objectives, purpose, powers, rights and capacities are to be stated as well.

Capacities: Belize offshore companies are able to trade globally. As an international business company, the primary purpose is to be able to trade globally. Belize corporations are thus able to trade in any country with the exception of Belize itself. This is because Belize corporations are tax exempt entities on the basis that Belize corporations do not generate an income within Belize, making all sources of income be outside of Belize’s jurisdiction. As a legal person and entity, Belize corporations are able to enter legally binding agreements, transact and manage bank accounts as would any normal person. Belize corporations are not allowed to provide any offshore insurance, registered agent, reinsurance, collective investment scheme trust or banking services because these types of businesses are regulated under different laws and have different requirements from those of Belize corporations. Belize corporations must adhere to the laws of Belize as well as those of the countries in which they operate. ****

Registered Office: All offshore companies registered and constitute in a Belize must have a registered office. Registered offices are used for receiving mail and other correspondence should the company choose to use the registered office of the Belize offshore company as its mailing address. The registered office also plays a fundamental role in the service of process in that customers or other person, including authorities may not have an official mailing address for the company and are therefore able to use the registered office as the official address. Once any service of process has been served to the registered office, the persons at the office are responsible for getting in contact with the members of the Belize offshore company. ****

Shares: Shares in a Belize corporation can be issued to the bearer and or registered. Shares that can be issued include non-voting and voting, share with one or more vote, preferred, common, redeemable or limited shares, as w ell as shares conferring right to participation in specific assets. In addition to share, a Belize Corporation can issue securities, options and warrants. ****

Names: Before using a name, the approval of the Registrar must be obtained. The name of Belize Corporation must not be the same as that of any other entity registered in Belize. Names of Belize corporations must terminate with any expressions that mean ‘limited liability company’. These may include different terminations that are used in countries around the world to mean the same, such as Sociedad Anónima (Spanish speaking countries), Aktiengesellschaft (German speaking countries), Société Anonyme (French speaking countries). ****