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Incorporation Process of Bahamas Corporation

The Companies Act which enacted on August 1st 1992 governs Bahamas Companies. All documents and formalities necessary for Bahamas corporation incorporation must be handed over to the Registrar. Once a company has been approved for registration, the Registrar will register the company’s name, registered office address, share capital and distribution, the date on which the memorandum was executed and files, the particulars of the subscribers, the company’s registration number, and type of liability (limited by shares or by guarantee or unlimited).****

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificates of Incorporation are issued to Bahamas Corporations by the Registrar of Companies once all the documents requested for incorporating are deposited. Certificates of Incorporation are important because they are legal proof and evidence that the company has been duly registered and constituted. Bahamas companies are required to have a common seal.

Companies registered are Bahamas have perpetual succession and are able to own property (land). The liability of each member of the Bahamas Corporation is limited to the share investment into the company.

Capacities, powers and restrictions of Bahamas Corporation

Bahamas corporations have juridical personality and have the full powers of a natural person. This means that corporations Bahamas are able to enter legal contracts, and conduct its business as required. All activities must be legal and not be contrary to the laws of the Bahamas or any other country where operations are carried out. As an offshore entity, Bahamas corporation can only conduct its commercial affairs, and provide its services to people who reside and with companies located outside The Bahamas.

Registered Office and Agent of a Bahamas Corporation

All Bahamas Corporations that have been constituted and registered under the Companies Act must have a registered agent and office based in the Bahamas. The Act allows for he directors a Bahamas corporation to change the registered office of the company. Documents including a copy of the company’s articles and memorandum, minutes of meeting, resolutions and company changes must be filed at the registered office.


All shares are to recorded with a specific share number, except if another provision is made in the articles of the company. The transfer of share or interest belonging to a shareholder who has passed on by his or her personal representative is as valid and legal as the transfer of a living shareholder. The shares of a Bahamas corporation may be of no par value, par value or nominal value. The classes of shares and powers, rights and restrictions tied to any share can be explained in the articles.


Registers stating the names, addresses, occupations and other important information about the directors and shareholders of the corporation Bahamas should be kept at the registered office. The date on which the member became part of the company and ceased to be a member is required to be registered.


All Bahamas corporations are required to hold a general meeting at least once annually. The rules for conducting meetings can be given in the articles or by-laws of the company. However, the Act requires Bahamas corporations with a share capital or that are limited by guaranteed to hold a general meeting within three months of the company’s incorporation.