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Incorporation Process of Anguilla Corporation

  • Articles of Incorporation

Anguilla Corporations are regulated by the International Business Companies Act 2000. When incorporating an Anguilla corporation, the articles of incorporation must contain the name of the corporation, its local address in Anguilla (registered office), name and address of its registered agent, classes and number of shares, authorized share capital and whether or not the members of the corporation have the right to transfer shares. Provisions for matters that are pertinent to the corporation can also be stated in the articles. The articles of an Anguilla corporation can be amended by resolution of the shareholders or directors accordingly. The Registrar must be notified about any changes within two weeks. ****

  • Certificate of Incorporation

Certificates of incorporation are issued by the Registrar and only if the Registrar is satisfied that all requirements are met for issuing the certificate of incorporation of an Anguilla corporation. Certificates of incorporation serve as legal evidence of the existence of an Anguilla corporation and bear the seal and stamp of the Registrar.

Capacities, powers and restrictions of Anguilla Corporation

Anguilla corporations are able to carry out any transaction that is relevant to the services and or products that are offered. The affairs of an Anguilla corporation must not be illegal and be within the laws of Anguilla and those of the territories in which business is conducted. The commercial activities of an Anguilla corporation must only be undertaken outside Anguilla, but business such as holding and managing an offshore account in Anguilla, corresponding with local professionals and managing an office from which transactions overseas are supervised do not constitute commercial activity in Anguilla. An Anguilla corporation is able to enter into legal contracts and other legal proceedings.

Registered Office and Agent of an Anguilla Corporation

All Anguilla corporations are required to have a registered office located in Anguilla. All necessary details pertaining to the registered office must be contained in the Articles of Incorporation. Registered office service must only be provided by an authorized and licenced holder. Similarly, a registered agent must be maintained in Anguilla, making the registered office and agent basic requirements for Anguilla corporations. Anguilla corporations have the right to change their registered agent but such change must be notified to the Registrar. In the same way, a registered agent may opt to no longer act on behalf of a corporation Anguilla.

Directors and Officers of an Anguilla Corporation

A corporation in Anguilla must have at least one member. There must be a board of directors to manage the affairs of the company; one or more persons (legal or natural) can sit on the board. Matters concerning the minimum of maximum number of directors that may sit on the board can be dealt with in the articles of by-laws of the corporation Anguilla. Committees can be setup by the directors to better manage the affairs of the company. Provisions for director meetings can be established, and can set standards for quorums and the manner in which meetings of an Anguilla corporation should be conducted.

Anguilla corporations are required to keep a common seal, as well as accounts and records showing the financial status of the company and minutes of all meetings held.